Date: Mon Oct 6 13:39:10 2008

Author: Steve Anderson

Subject: Re: in need of some good multimeters



I empathize with you rfrustauration, have felt the pain.

It also might help to encourage the instructor to emphasize / include
in the write up in BOLD letters,
the difference between parallel and series connections?
(mine did, so he doesn't keep getting chewed out by the technician!).

My burn-out rate in that first DMM / Ohms law lab, has gone from
10-12 every time, to 2 or 3.
(also got one of those speedo-screwdrivers). Now, I can time it (walk
in the lab) almost to the minute,
they look at me "like, you must be psychic!"... only takes 5 minutes.

The instructor maintains that it is part of the learning process.
we should all read the instructions .. RIGHT?

as you know, the reason those little buggers are so expensive,
is that their controlled low resistances determine the accuracy of
the low current ranges.
(the Global DMM's we now have, use 500 ma, which are 1/2 the price of
the Fluke 600 ma's.)
these are way better than the old Simpson and Triplett days, where we
had to hand-wind them!

Steve Anderson
CSU Sonoma