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Author: Anthony Lapinski

Subject: Re: Fluids Lab


a good one is bernoulli's principle.

part 1: weigh a 1 kg mass in and out of water. subtract to get the buoyant
force. this also equals the weight of the displaced water.

part 2: submerge a clay ball and measure the water displaced. have them
mold a clay boat that floats. it will displace more water.

part 3: put a 200-g mass in a styrofoam cup in a large beaker. note the
water level on the cup and beaker. if the mass were "thrown" overboard,
what would happen to the water level (on the cup and on the beaker)? make
prediction, then try it.


physics is PHUN!! writes:
>Hi! I would like to try out a conceptual physics lab dealing with fluids.
>HDo any of you have a tried-and-true lab that you could send my way?
>Thank you!

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