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Author: Sam Sampere

Subject: Re: Liquid helium experiments


Have you checked the price of liquid helium lately?? Before you invest
time in designing an experiment, first see if you think it's worth your


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Subject: [tap-l] Liquid helium experiments

We are about to start designing a liquid helium cryostat for our
advanced lab course
and I was wondering if any of you have experience using one with your
lab courses.
In broad strokes, I'd love to hear what experiments you do, what kind of

data do they
produce, and what does the data analysis entail. We will be
recirculating the helium back to
our liquefier in the building's basement and one of our low temp
researchers is leading the
effort, so I expect many construction details will be done correctly.
However, any advice
(or stories) on cryostat or experiment construction or safety issues ---

particularly, but not limited
to, those associated with use by inexperienced users --- would also be
appreciated. Any
references or websites on experiments or cryostats geared toward
undergraduate use would
also be appreciated.


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