Date: Fri Oct 31 08:54:10 2008 Back to Contents

Author: Bernard Cleyet

Subject: Stopwatch program. Was: Re: pasco stopwatches


Posters on this list are rather lax about changing the subject. In
your case the subject is still stopwatch, but a programable
calculator instead of a Pasco.

Furthermore, I have been unable to determine whether it is the fault
of the list's app. or my mail app. Whatever, PLEASE do not reply if
you (one) is starting a new subject, as, at least, in my mail it is
tacked onto the preceding thread. Not in this case, because the two
subjects are connected, so it's appropriate to have them in the same

bc miffed by a string of quite different subjects in the same thread.

> On 2008, Oct 30, , at 15:39, Karen Hunter wrote:

> Dick,
> I would like to try this timer program on my TI-84 Plus, but have
> never put a program on the calculator before. (I bought one of
> these calculators so I could learn how to use the ones my HS
> students have, but haven't done much with it beyond basic math.)
> Are there some simple directions for getting the program from your
> web page onto my calculator?
> (Also, should I have changed the subject line for this posting, or
> was it best to leave it as "pasco stopwatches"? I'm not clear on
> the protocol for this.)
> With thanks,
> Karen
> On Oct 28, 2008, at 12:14 PM, Richard Heckathorn wrote:
>> Greetings,
>> Some time ago I received a timer program for TI-83, 84ís and +ís
>> that work well for my students.
>> The program can be found on my website listed below under TI 83
>> + Programs
>> It is the first one.
>> Enjoy, Dick


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