Date: Thu Oct 30 00:00:47 2008

Author: Bernard Cleyet

Subject: Re: pasco stopwatches, now AA battery power


The Canon S series IS uses AA cells. secondary (NiMH) aer compatible.

bc has two S1s so he can trigger them w IR for stereo.

On 2008, Oct 29, , at 10:43, Paul Doherty wrote:

> George
> For me the AA battery is worth a LOT.
> I make sure I search for digital cameras that use them since I
> travel to the ends of the earth, but they are getting harder and
> harder to find.
> Paul D
> On Oct 29, 2008, at 7:26 AM, George M. Caplan wrote:
>> I have two Pasco stopwatches.
>> I like them because they can record up to 9 event times.
>> I haven't had them long enough to test how rugged they are, but
>> they sure
>> seem rugged.
>> Also, they use one AA battery. That's especially convenient for me
>> because
>> we stock those batteries.
>> George Caplan