Date: Wed Oct 29 13:19:03 2008

Author: Douglas Johnson

Subject: Re: absorption spectra


My favorite absorption spectra demo is found at the weblink below. Instead
of the glass blower glasses, you can put any color filter strip you want on
it (or color dye and water in a Petri dish) and see the spectra that is

...Doug J.

On 10/29/08 9:26 AM, "Anthony Lapinski" wrote:

> In my high school astronomy class, I will be discussing light and spectra
> soon. I wish to do a lab/activity where students can analyze various light
> sources with a diffraction grating. It is easy to show continuous spectra
> with a candle or light bulb, and emission spectra with gas tubes. I am
> looking for a way to show an absorption spectrum. In the past I had
> students use colored filters to cover an incandescent light bulb. This
> sort of mimics the atmosphere of a star.
> Does anyone have other ways to show absorption spectra using simple
> materials?