Date: Tue Oct 28 16:31:25 2008

Author: Steve Anderson

Subject: Re: pasco plotting


In DataStudio, the calculator object can translate a table of data
(drag column symbol into it) with a conversion factor and units of

or, put the table in an "editable" form, by clicking the little
pencil icon in the toolbar above the table,
and rename it, (if your values are 1=1).

btw this can also be used to superimpose the same data set for
say, a position /\ trace, and get both positive and negative slopes,
from one data set, on one graph.
(like, a cart, before and after elastic bounce, with motion sensor)

steve,, anderson
CSU Sonoma

On Oct 28, 2008, at 12:53 PM, David Tam wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I am using the Pasco current/voltage sensor with Datastudio, to import
> voltage data which is really temperature data in my experiment. Is
> there an easy way to make a graph in units of my choosing? I would
> like the label to say "Temperature" and read in degrees C, not Voltage
> and read in volts.
> Thanks,
> David