Date: Thu Oct 23 10:54:45 2008

Author: Dale E. Stille

Subject: Re: Flywheel driven car recommendation and DCS #



The closest demo in the Bib I know of is 1Q50.72 "Ship Stabilizer".
However, I am thinking that your demo should be in the 1Q20. section.
On second thought, it doesn't really fit there. Probably better would
be the 1M50. section on Mechanical Power. 1M50.40 "Stored Energy in a
Flywheel" perhaps.
What do you think?

Dale wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I want a demonstration to show energy stored in a rotating flywheel. I
> was thinking about using a toy car, Educational Innovations:
> I was wondering if if any of you had other suggestions and also what DCS
> number to use. I looked under simple machines, energy conservation and
> rotational energy and didn't find anything appropriate.
> Cliff