Date: Tue Oct 21 14:04:44 2008

Author: David Kardelis

Subject: Re: irradiation


But with the broken clocks you never know when they are right. The working clocks may not be exactly right but are usually close enough to be much more useful.


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I should apologize to Bernard that the list. That was a rather rude
way to make my point. It would have been easier to pick on myself.
Please turn the statement around and apply it to me. The joke works
equally well that way too.

Of course Bernard, you are correct that there is good reason to
suspect the questions raised by lobbyists and people with something to
gain from the topic at hand. But that doesn't mean that they are
wrong. A broken clock is exactly right twice a day. And that's more
often than most clocks.


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> Exactly my point!
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>>> But even a fool can be right.
>> I don't understand; please explain.