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Author: Chuck Patten

Subject: Re: Cell Phone Radiation and Protection by a Chip


the deadliest job in America is/was being Bill Clinton's protective staff...

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Just last week the Director of the Pittsburgh Cancer Institute sent a
memo to all his employees urging them to limit their cell phone use. He
wrote that children were especially at risk because of their still
developing nervous systems. He was motivated to do this after seeing early
unpublished results of a major study in progress. You should be able to
find news accounts of it online.
In answer to the question, " where are the dead bodies?":
1) Tower workers have RF exposure guidelines. Others engaging in the
activities mentioned may take measures to limit their exposure.
2) Many people do not have the same job their entire career. There is
currently no way to track the causes of some illnesses in people who job
hop. If you recall, a document cited in a previous discussion of this topic
discouraged EMF studies that are difficult to do, one of which was exposure
from radio base stations.
3) They may die prematurely from other causes. See for example "Deadliest
job in America: Working on cell phone towers":

4) Maybe they don't die, they just get sick:

Didn't have time to check out the chip, but the patent is real.
Whether it actually works in that application is another matter. It seems
too small to have a significant effect...


At 7/31/2008 11:06 AM, you wrote:
>Hi Taplers,
>My daughter is concerned about:
>1. whether radiation from her cell phone might be harmful if she uses
>it a lot.
>2. whether a chip could protect her from such radiation.
>I have declared that a chip would have to be in the form of an object
>with a large area which would be placed between her head and her antenna.
>Bill Norwood, U of MD at College Park


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