Date: Sun Aug 24 21:37:49 2008

Author: William Beaty

Subject: Re: sun's true color


On Sun, 24 Aug 2008, Anthony Lapinski wrote:

> Does anyone know the actual color of the Sun? The Sun certainly appears
> yellowish, and then Wein's Law can be used to calculate its surface
> temperature (about 6000 C). Textbooks confirm this result.

Hmmm, the sun looks pure white to me when it's high in the sky (and I'll
need to crane my neck to look up at it.) Are you sure you're not
remembering the sun much nearer the horizon, when a bit of "sunset" effect
through longer air-path is kicking in?

I recall kids' crayon artwork where the house always has a brick chimney
with smoke, and the sun is always yellow. Then I look at summer noontime
sun and see only white. As we age, we slowly break loose from society's
concensus worldview, and begin to act "eccentric."

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