Date: Thu Aug 21 23:14:36 2008

Author: Alistair Lightfoot

Subject: Re: Carbon Paper etc.


You don't need to tape the carbon paper down. Just lay it on top, carbon
side down. Saves a bit of time and effort. We do a momentum expt rolling
ball bearings off a table top and onto the floor much as you describe.
If the "bounce" is recorded by the carbon paper it is fainter and hence

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I have a "gun" that launches ping pong balls.
To mark where they land, I put white paper on the floor and cover it
carbon paper.
The ball makes a nice mark on the white paper, but there are some
1. Taping down 8.5 by 11 inch sheets of paper and carbon paper for a
length of three meters is tedious (especially for those of us with bad
2. When the ball bounces, it can make a 2nd or even 3rd mark.

I wonder if you folks have suggestions for a better way to do this.
1. Can I buy carbon paper in a roll?
2. I have heard about having the balls land in a sandbox. Does that
3. Other ideas or suggestions?