Date: Tue Aug 19 16:39:10 2008

Author: David Kardelis

Subject: Re: Mathematical Software


Last time I used mathematica it was a bear to use and really pricey. Also dealt with Wolfram in grad school and left a bad taste.
I use excel in Calc based physics, but there is a demand for math software in the engineering transfer schools.
The course would be a stand alone, I would love to teach a course in thermo or optics and teach the higher level math techniques and software to help do them. Unfortunately, the students will not have the background for the higher level problems.

Have a trial verson of Comsol but haven't played with it,


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no one has mentioned COMSOL, it does has those functions you listed.
not cheap, but the company has training and modules specific to
physics modeling, E&M, optics, thermo

the faculty who teach the equivalent class here, use Octave
Astronomy uses IDL, et al.
in (6) lower division labs, mostly Excel-Solver, Pasco (DataStudio)
and Vernier (LoggerPro) for regression and lab stats

you excluded Mathematica, we have a site license for that, and it is
used in all of our Math courses
(although only one astronomy faculty seems to like it). It is a
recognized standard, with MatLAB.
It is easier to use, now, and they have a cool demonstration project
with a free player

personally, I've always liked Maple
... and we have one MathCAD holdout.

The LabVIEW solver (HiQ) gets results, (i need help with diffyQ
(myself ~math=stupid))

too many choices.. install 'em all!
whatever the standard is, the new faculty will change

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