Date: Sat Aug 16 14:16:09 2008

Author: --- cbettis

Subject: Energy Crisis: Solved!


I am pleased to announce the discovery of free energy!

Like many great intellects, I was inspired by the mundane: watching
the Olympic two man sculls. If you watch carefully, you will notice
that the sculls do not move along at a constant velocity. They
alternately speed up and slow down. Here is the critical observation:
they actually go faster when the oars are out of the water! This means
the rowers are superfluous and the sculls actually propel themselves,
the rowers only serving to slow them down! All one needs to do is get
rid of the crew, tie a rope to the scull and use the other end of the
rope to power a generator!

Now if I could just figure out why the swimming venue is called "the
water cube" when its not a cube nor is it made of water.