Date: Fri Aug 15 14:33:59 2008

Author: Zani, Gerald

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A Very interesting product!

I would want to try it out and to check if aliasing is a problem? Best,
-- JZ

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Hi Jerry and everyone else,

We have used PicoTechnology's PicoScopes, distributed in the U.S. by
for about two years. These scopes deserve more attention than they get.

When you look at a dual-channel PicoScope unit, you see a little blue
very approximately the size of two DMMs, with three BNC connectors on
front and one USB port on the back. Each dual-channel unit takes in
to be displayed via two of the BNCs, and takes an external triggering
through the third BNC. (Either of the two channels can trigger the
as can the signal through the third BNC.) As the tv Gecko might say,
it! Isn't it a lot like your garden-variety oscilloscope? The
of being on the front of an scope-type unit, are just, lemme think,
programmed into the programming, tha's all."

To overcome the slow speed of its USB connection to a pc or to a Mac
running Windows, each unit stores info temporarily in a buffer. The
takes in the contents of the buffer as fast as the USB allows. The
speed up processing of signal info.

So, now, instead of seeing the signal on the little rectangular screen
on an
oscilloscope, you see the signal displayed on a screen as large as the
puter's. Instead of trying to project a signal from a classic
oscilloscope onto
a projection screen, you put what you see on the COMPUTER's screen onto
projection screen - a thing that professors do whenever they use
or show their classes a web page. Instead of using an expensive digital
to produce a signal image you can keep, you save your computer screen's
display as you would any other computer file. Instead of using an
digital scope to get on-screen digital readouts of time or of amplitude,
relatively inexpensive PicoScope provides horizontal and vertical lines
readouts of their times or voltages with a slight motion of the hand.
In fact,
the readouts occasionally appear with TOO slight a motion of the hand.
If you
buy one of these units, you can see all this, including whatever
for yourself.

Incidentally, we use the "Filtered Current" option a lot.

These PicoScopes deserve more attention than they get. I do not have
financial interest in PicoTechnologies or in Saelig, but probably none
of you
very fine Tapplers thought I did.

Viva Tapplers!

Quoting Paul Nord :

> Jerry,
> Most projectors have a VGA input. That seems like the way to go.
> Standard video resolution is really rather poor. If there's not a
> model on the market right now which does composite video, there is
> never going to be one. It's a dead-end technology. The era has
> Paul
> On Aug 15, 2008, at 10:50 AM, Jerry DiMarco wrote:
> > I've been using the video camera to project the scope screen and
> > have considered buying a converter, but would ultimately like to
> > find a scope with the right output so setup would be quicker. I'm
> > surprised that the major mfrs don't make models with this feature...
> >
> >
> Jerry
> >
> >
> > At 8/14/2008 07:33 PM, you wrote:
> >> JD,
> >>
> >> I think you can get a VGA to composite video converter or a PC to
> >> converter for about $50? -- JZ
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> >> Tappers,
> >>
> >> Has anyone found an oscilloscope that can be used for demos,
> >> that has
> >> RCA or BNC video output connectors? Not interested in VGA type
> >> outputs,
> >> would like to be able to plug it in to a document camera for
> >> instant display. Thanks...
> >>
> >>
> >> Jerry
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