Date: Tue Aug 12 11:37:38 2008

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That is what is so confusing: a lecturer will bring in some clip,
maybe a QT movie, and it's some other version than the QT I had
installed and it won't play. I don't remember the particular clip it
was this summer and the machine has been sent to the shop for
"re-education" as I replaced it with a new one. This is, of course,
right before class when there is little time to troubleshoot. Or maybe
he wants to use a Realplayer format. All I know is I am tired of
living on the edge with this stuff and would prefer to find something
that was fairly universal.

Videolan sounds promising.

Right now I have time to think about this and not act rashly.


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> Cliff,
> What is the video that will not play? - J
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