Date: Tue Jul 8 17:52:57 2008

Author: Douglas Johnson

Subject: Re: Demo Show and Physics and Performance


I hope someone will video this demo show and make it available on the web
for those who can't make it. It sounds like a great idea! I am sad that I
won't be there this year due to budget and passport problems. Best wishes
to all those who participate in that workshop. I know they will enjoy the
challenge and training.

....Doug J.

On 7/8/08 1:20 PM, "Physics Demo Room UofO" wrote:

> Hi Tappers!
> Congrats on family additions and another year of physics education!
> I am running a Physics and Performance workshop on Sunday in Edmonton
> with Wendy Sadler from the United Kingdom and theater coach Colin
> Funk form the Banff Centre. The idea is to try and add a performance
> perspective to a Demo Show. In the workshop we hope to develop a few
> stage performance pieces that feature a physics demonstration. Some
> pieces developed in the workshop will be performed in the Demo Show.
> Consider taking the workshop if you are interested in adding a
> different twist to your public shows. We will be asking attendees to
> bring an idea of a demo they want to share and together we'll work to
> and add some spice and flavor.
> I am also assisting Terry Singleton with organizing and tech support
> for the Demo Show. There will be two shows on Tuesday evening. The
> idea is to stay with the Physics and Performance theme as much as
> possible but not strictly limited to that theme. Please contact me
> and Terry if you have a performance or an especially artistic way to
> present a demo, or you have something new to offer that hasn't been
> done at a previous demo show.
> Terry Singelton
> Stan Micklavzina
> Thanks and see you in Edmonton!
> Stan