Date: Thu Jun 5 22:02:39 2008

Author: Perry R Godwin

Subject: Re: Inquiry on parts for old optics bench


I will be happy to take the photos and share them. But because summer classes at Lansing Community College start tomorrow, I will probably be busy until the end of next week.

Also, can someone please tell me where and how to upload photos so tappers can access them? I know it has been discussed on this list before, but I don't remember the details. Thanks.

Perry Godwin
Lansing Community College

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From Anna Kiefte
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Subject Re: [tap-l] Inquiry on parts for old optics bench

I am not Deborah, but I would love it if you would send and/or post
these photos somewhere!

We have many of these parts (I think) but knowing what they all are and
whether they are part of the same set is another matter... We are in the
process of reorganizing some optics-related equipment, and I think this
would be helpful.


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Subject: Re: [tap-l] Inquiry on parts for old optics bench


We have and use extensively the same Cenco optics benches as those you
have, and we have the full set of hardware for them. Would it help if I
took pictures of all the different pieces and sent them to you?

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Subject: Re: [tap-l] Inquiry on parts for old optics bench

Thanks. I am waiting to hear back from Sargent-Welch also though from
phone call, it didn't sound too hopeful. The picture of the part you
looks like the correct one, though there would be another part to
connect on
top of the clamps you show that actually holds the lens or screen I
I've gotten a few replies already so I will let you know. Thanks very
for your offer and for the parts number which I did not have. Deborah

On 6/5/08 4:46 PM, "Erich Burton" wrote:

> Hi Deborah,
> I sent some general info regarding those Cenco optical
> bench clamps to the tap-l list, but I wanted to follow
> up with you off the list.
> If Cenco or Sargent Welch do not have any more of those
> Bench Accessory Support Clamps (#72322), I have a small
> number I can spare. We actually still use our Cenco
> Optical benches here at BU, so I cannot spare very
> many, unfortunatley.
> If you let me know your shipping address, I will be
> happy to drop six of them in the mail to you.
> Take care.
> -Erich
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> Erich Burton 3-2602
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