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Author: Josh GATES

Subject: Re: Lightning


Does the "robustness" of the rods figure into it? That is, will a
coathanger connected to a spool of speaker wire attract lightning the same
as a beefy rod/wire system? Apart from the performance of the rod in
handling the strike, is the attraction determined by characteristics of
the rod/wire?

I don't remember lightning rods from your electronics class. :)

jg writes:
>A conservative rule of thumb is that a lightning rod protects a cone
>of (half angle) 45 degrees down from the tip.
>Stadium light fixtures are likely well grounded.
>Neighborhood venues are less well protected AND have less
>international corporate funding associated with them.
>On Jun 26, 2008, at Jun 26(Thu) 4:05 , Josh GATES wrote:
>> Did anyone watch the Russia/Spain match today? Right around the 27th
>> minute, they cut away to a shot of the huge lightning bolts outside
>> the
>> stadium. Do they not stop events in stadia for lightning? As I
>> soccer
>> referee, I've always been very very very clearly instructed (at
>> youth, HS,
>> college, and adult) levels to suspend the match when there's even a
>> hint
>> of lightning. I assume that the stadia have great lightning rods, but
>> does that protect the players/referees? ... the fans?
>> jg

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