Date: Fri Jun 13 19:07:59 2008 Back to Contents

Author: Thomas J. Bauer

Subject: Re: Voice Recorder Owner's Manual

Post: writes:
>So how do I print this thing in people-read format?
>(Hopefully one of these days we will talk about eliminating pdf files from
>the internet. I have never once found one of them convenient to use.)

What is wrong with Adobe Reader? Down load it for free. There is nothing
to learn. You just page through the document.
If you don't like adobe, download PrimoPDF

I installed just the printer version so I can create pdf's by selecting
Printing to the PrimoPDF printer from any program on my PC.

The nice thing about pdf files is they don't change format or appearence.

Tom B

From Fri Jun 13 19:07:59 2008