Date: Tue Jun 3 13:33:57 2008

Author: Jerry DiMarco

Subject: Re: windshield stress


I think I've seen this too, but only some windows are tinted. I'm
pretty sure my old Corolla wagon has a polarization pattern on the rear
window, but it is not tinted. I'll have to double check tonight...


At 6/3/2008 09:13 AM, you wrote:
>I always thought the symmetrical patterns seen on the rear and side
>windows was due to a thin layer/sheeting of window tinting, which they are
>not allowed to do on the front windshield. I have seen this tinting layer
>start to peel off and not seen the polarization patterns where it has been
>Adam Beehler
>> I always thought those patterns were due to variation in the
>> thickness of the middle layer. As I recall, they usually have a fairly
>> regular pattern. I don't think a stress pattern would look like
>> that. That doesn't answer the question of why we don't see them on the
>> front windshield. Could it depend on the viewing angle? -- Jerry DiMarco
>>>Does anyone know why you don't see stress patterns on the front
>>>windshields of cars like you do on the back windows (when you're
>>>wearing polarizing sunglasses)? Are they not stressed as much as the
>>>rear windows? I thought all window glass in an automobile is
>>>stressed. -- Wolfgang