Date: Fri Apr 4 12:18:54 2008

Author: Miglus, Vacek

Subject: Re: Brushes for a Central Scientific catalog no. 79975-000

On 4/3/08 6:28 PM, "Perry R Godwin" wrote:

> I need to replace one of the brushes on our Central Scientific Co. Inc.
> catalog number 79975-000 demonstration motor model. Somehow we have lost one
> of them; probably during one of the times the motor was moved between lab
> rooms. Can anyone suggest a source for a new motor brush? Or can anyone
> recommend what type of metal strip I would need to purchase to fabricate one?
> Any other suggestions on how to fix the motor model would be greatly
> appreciated as well. Thanks!

Looking at the photo you posted in your follow up to Chele's suggestions I
would look for a 1mm thick by 1cm wide piece of Al of the right length bend
it in a vice or carefully with pliers drill your hole and you're good to go.

If you're careful a beer can might work, bit thin though :-)