Date: Thu Apr 17 16:37:31 2008

Author: Erich Burton

Subject: Re: Dial Vernier Calipers

Tony Papirio writes:
: A few years back I bought a set of dial vernier calipers; palstic
: with a metric scale. They were "Hempe" brand, and cost < $20 each.
: Now, search as I might, I can't find them, or even a substitute. Anyone
: know of a source for these?

Mcmaster has some plastic dial calipers (#8588A11, $19.29) -- these
are 0-150mm, 10mm Range/Revolution, 1-1/2" Jaw Depth.

I have a bunch that are made by General that are pretty good
quality, though I think the last batch from Mcmaster were some
slightly inferior no-name brand. The no-name brand seem to be
made of a brittle plastic, while the General is much more

Here is a link to the higher quality General 142 version:

I hope this helps.


Erich Burton 3-2602
Boston University Physics Department