Date: Thu Apr 17 08:52:20 2008

Author: --- jfeliciano

Subject: Re: Geiger Counters & Tubes, Old

Those tubes are available from
LND, Inc
3230 Lawson Blvd.
Oceanside, New York 11572

The last telephone number I have for them is 516-678-6141

The tubes are identified as Type 712.

Its been a while since I ordered them, so I hope, for all our sakes, that
they haven't moved.


"Bill Norwood"
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04/16/2008 04:00 PM
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[tap-l] Geiger Counters & Tubes, Old

Hi Taplers,

It has finally happened to us - we are down to 12 set-ups and 0 spares,

and we had a glitch yesterday and could not produce a spare to aid in

Does anyone have on hand any of the Geiger-Muller tubes,

which are no longer useful because you don't have a dozen?

Want to get rid of any of them?


Mfr: The Nucleus Inc., and the scalar model # is 500.

But we just need the GM tubes which are also inscribed with, The Nucleus

I am not seeing any model number on the tubes,

but they are mounted in a little stand with a couple of plastic sliding

and they measure 1-1/2" dia x 3-1/2" long.

And there is a short bnc cable that connects to the counter.

Here are a picture and a sketch -

the older counter had fatter pushbuttons, but was still Model 500.

And many thanks for any leads.

Bill Norwood

Physics, U of MD at College Park