Date: Wed Feb 6 00:53:41 2008

Author: Bernard Cleyet

Subject: Re: Hohlraum - Blackbody Radiation

Nope, I found it after searching thru three hard drives. Naturally
I found it in the last place I could look after two hours!

The sweep, from what I guess from the vis spectrum, is ~ 0.2 => 2
microns; takes ~ six seconds. The source temperature is variable w/
either a solid state light dimmer or a variable auto transformer;
don't remember. If the Exp. can't easily supply a clip, I'll trim
and compress mine and send as an attachment to requesters. I took
four and only the first is good -- a later one does show the source
w/ temp. changing.

bc memory ~ OK. was 2006 August 25

p.s. the high energy side of the response may be governed by the
prism more than the spectrum of the source. Whatever, I doubt a
Planck fit will work. Not incidentally, the last few times I
visited, I didn't see the demo.

On 2008, Feb 05, , at 19:28, Bernard Cleyet wrote:

> Damn, I can't believe it; I vidoed it two or three member nights
> ago (mid 2007?)
> I don't remember its response being particularly slow, in "human
> terms".
> bc will look for it in his voluminous collection. Will it be a
> case of incipient Alzheimer's, or good memory?
> On 2008, Feb 05, , at 15:20, David Tam wrote:
>> Jerry et al.,
>> I've been in touch with the guys at the San Francisco Exploratorium,
>> which has a demo that looks to be quite like yours, Urs. They have a
>> picture here:
>> Apparently they use a flint glass prism and a thermopile coated with
>> carbon black. This sounds much cheaper than the Ocean Optics
>> instrument, but I imagine there must be problems with recovery time.
>> I will see what they say.
>> Jerry, when you get around to it, could you send me your spectrum as
>> well? If it works well for you I imagine I would make enough use of
>> one to justify the cost. How fast do you scan across the spectrum?
>> David