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Author: Douglas Johnson

Subject: Rotational Inertia Wheel Question


Dear Tap-L'rs and SCPTA members,
In our lower division labs we use an old Cenco Rotational Inertia
Apparatus wheel. My Department Chair wants to schedule in the Fall
two rooms using the same equipment. We are looking for anyone that
has this old equipment in storage(not in current use) and would be
willing to part with it. We need to find at least 12 of these units
to run the second lab. Please e-mail me back if you have an interest
in helping us out. Hopefully someone local has them, but if not we
will cover the shipping costs.

Thanks in advance for your help! ... Doug J.

PS.. If you need a picture of it, please let me know.

Doug Johnson
Cal Poly University
Physics Stockroom 8-238
3801 W. Temple Ave.
Pomona, CA 91768

Office: 909-869-4033
Fax: 909-869-5090

From Fri Feb 29 17:34:04 2008