Date: Wed Dec 5 16:34:42 2007

Author: Urs Lauterburg

Subject: Re: Tesla

Jerry man,

The best description of the standard basic Tesla coil I know of is
included the manual to the Tesla Coil Kurt Schraner and myself have
constructed in 2004. We actually simulated the function with Spice
before starting to build it and we finally got pretty close to the
model after completion.

However, the hook is that the manual is in German which might not be
very suitable for you national minded guys out there in the endlessly
big and flat country of the west.

The manual can be found on Kurt's web page at and the function
is described on page 3 of the pdf-document. Now if Steve is really
interested to have it in the PIRA newsletter I guess I could ask Kurt
if he has nothing against me translating at least the basic
description of the operation found on page 3. What do you all think?
That description will certainly not include any fixin's. It just
explains how the thing works, although it's not so simple but on the
other hand not immensely difficult either. All four Maxwell equations
are in action though. We always bring up our Tesla at the very end of
electrodynamics to begin so called Modern Physics thereafter.

Steve, let me know if you are interested.

Regards and best wishes


Urs Lauterburg
Physics demonstrator
Physikalisches Institut
University of Bern

>I am seeking a good reference for the explanation and theory of the
>Tesla Coil.
>I am looking for either an article, a book or a web site.
>The problem with reading up on the Tesla Coil is the shear volume of
>accumulated and variety of material and most of it is details about
>techniques to maximize performance and minimize cost of
>construction. I am not interested in those details.
>I want a brief, simple, clear elegant and concise article, web site
>or book that focuses on the essential meat of the theory of the
>Tesla Coil.
>I don't want too much of "the fixin's".
>Perhaps someone knows about it well enough to easily write a brief
> -- JZ