Date: Thu Dec 20 16:18:44 2007

Author: Thomas J. Bauer

Subject: Re: Close Up Camera

If you have a Fire-Wire port on your computer I like the Unibrain Fire-i
camera. I don't know the closest it focuses but we use it to blow up the
rotary vernier scale on a standard 2" Newport rotational stage and it
works great. Get it about 2-3cm away. Also clamp it in front of the
eyepiece of our spectrometers to see the spectral lines and what happens
when you adjust the slit width. Great for interference fringes in a
Michelson and Fabry-Perot interferometers. I think you could easily adapt
a piece of PVC pipe to make an adaptor that would hold it to a microscope.
You can also buy an IR transparent lens so that it can see infra red
diodes and lasers.

See writes:
>I would like to get a camera to project small
>demonstrations to the entire class and perhaps to record
>them for future use and analysis.
>What do you all think about the various Ken-A-Vision
>products? They seem expensive, but perhaps they are worth
>it, especially since they can be connected to a microscope?
>Is a digital video camera better? It doesn't have the
>convenient flexible arm but they usually have more options.
>How closely can they focus?
>By the way, you all were very helpful on keeping my air
>tracks rust free. Thank you very much.
>Marc "Zeke" Kossover