Date: Wed Dec 19 13:24:12 2007

Author: Bill Norwood

Subject: Re: Demonstration of optical resolution ?

Hi Taplers,

Re: Urs' remarks seeking a good resolution experiment:

Surely could be a nice component of a modern lab for optics for non-majors.
They would set digital cameras at various resolutions, photograph objects
demanding various amounts of resolution and print out and analyze the
results right in the lab, and b&w would be adequate.

(We "encountered" the resolution variable when revising (to digital) our air
table collisions experiments with the stroboscope photography. It turned out
that we had to accept the lowest (or almost the lowest) digital camera
resolution setting in order that the computer-printer system would operate
fast enough in the student lab environment - ~30 sec/printed page.)

Bill Norwood
U of MD

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Subject: [tap-l] Demonstration of optical resolution ?

Dear Tap-lers,

Does anyone of you Taplers do an interesting and instructive demo on
the theme of optical resolution. Nothing really exiting comes to my
mind about this but maybe someone else has done or knows something.
Any shared wisdom is much appreciated. Thanks a lot

and regards

Urs Lauterburg

Physics demonstrator
Physikalisches Institut
University of Bern