Date: Tue Dec 18 15:02:14 2007

Author: John Welch

Subject: Re: High-Speed video of quarter lift

Great video Paul - it's going to reopen a debate we've been having here
about that demo.
Can you tell me what the camera was that you used, and roughly how much
one costs?

Paul Nord wrote:
> Good Day,
> I'm having great fun with my high-speed video camera.
> This is the demonstration where you blow across top of a quarter and
> cause it to lift up off a tabletop and fling itself into a cup. And,
> just to get people talking, I've titled the youtube release
> "Bernoulli's Principle". If you watch this frame-by-frame you can see
> that the quarter lifts straight up about 1/8" and then tips forward
> then backward before getting caught up in the air stream.
> It's a really startling demo to see in person. Just amazing in slow
> motion. Captured at 500 frames per second. Played back at 30 fps.
> Except for the third run through where it's played back slower. (I
> don't know how slow, it's just iMovie.)
> Paul

John Welch

Cabrillo College Physics Dept.