Date: Fri Dec 14 23:15:44 2007

Author: Bernard Cleyet

Subject: Re: clear plastic pipe

I thought hard Al was less expensive to mfg. than steel

Try an expt.: one in bag, one in lab. storage, one in card tube w/
silica gel, etc. and report back next spring.

bc would just keep well sprayed w/ NAPA (can in lab. -- last students
job at the end of the week)

Marc "Zeke" Kossover wrote:

>Hmm... This thread reminds me of a question.
>I have purchased these air tracks
> from Arbor
>Scientific. It works great (although I loathe the timer
>that comes with it) and is pretty inexpensive.
>However, it has lots of bare steel which I think will rust.
>How should I store it? It came with some light oil on the
>parts, and I could re-oil it I suppose, but I'd rather not.
>I was thinking about getting some wide cardboard tubes and
>some bags of Drierite. Do you think that this will help
>prevent rust or do I need to put the tracks into plastic
>bags first? I wish I could afford long plastic tubes, but
>at 6" wide it won't fit into anything I can find/afford.
>Thanks in advance.
>Marc "Zeke" Kossover