Date: Fri Dec 14 17:17:36 2007

Author: Jerry DiMarco

Subject: Re: Products from lab cleanouts

Here, computer hardware must be recycled. Our campus hazmat dept
handles that. Recently our surplus property dept began offering old but
still usable computer systems to middle and grade schools around the
state. And every year or two there is a campus-wide garage
sale. Unfortunately, not everything finds a home. Sometimes there just
aren't enough buyers out there. So whatever you do, advertise it well in


At 12/13/2007 04:49 PM, you wrote:

>Hi all-
>I was doing the semi-annual cleanout of one of our lesser-used labs
>(currently a storage room but we want to turn it into a lab) and found
>some interesting stuff. I also found a wide variety of cables,
>connectors, wires, cords, etc. from computer hardware from 1985 to 2000
>thereabouts. I also found some keyboards, monitors, floppies, etc.
>Is there a place/vendor/clearinghouse where we can take some of this
>stuff to recycle or otherwise dispose of (without filling up the
>landfills)? What do you do with all the old miscellaneous stuff that you
>come across from time to time? We have limited space in our department
>(we occupy half a floor) and our department head wants us to get rid of
>all the old junk we don't use anymore (and will not be using for our
>I found a belt sander that looks to be useful over the holiday break...
>Brian Cudnik. Lab Specialist.
>Department of Physics
>Prairie View A&M University


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