Date: Wed Nov 21 14:42:47 2007

Author: Wayne Easterling

Subject: Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Tappers.... "Happy Thanksgiving" to all!!

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May I wish each of you a Happy Thanksgiving?

I personally have much to be thankful for.

One is the opportunity to interact with you as we
strive to better teach our students.


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On Sun, 11 Nov 2007, Bernard Cleyet wrote:

> p.s. such filters may be expensive. A poor but
very inexpensive one is
> processed unexposed kodachrome.

Another one is "congo blue" stage light filters.
Use two layers to make
them opaque to humans (or add a primary red filter
to cut the blue band.)
These are designed to be IR-pass, so kilowatt
incandescent lamps don't set
fire to the filters. For lots of info see:

Build "Infrared goggles" for $10

Passive-IR goggles gallery

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