Date: Wed Nov 14 15:51:31 2007

Author: Tom Colton

Subject: Re: Count of experiments in Modern Physics lab


At Berkeley our 3rd-semester course for physics and engineering
students, called Geometric and physical optics, relativity, and
quantum physics, has seven 3-hour lab exercises. We did have an
eighth on radioactivity that we eliminated several years ago when we
had an opportunity to get rid of our plutonium/beryllium source at no

Tom Colton

>We're in the beginning stages of revising our Modern Physics lab. I've
>been asked to survey other universities regarding the number of
>experiments typically attempted/required during a one semester junior
>level "Modern Physics" lab. Our lab is currently scheduled to meet weekly
>for 3 hours.
>I realize there's lots of variablities here in terms of course content and
>hours available, but I'd appreciate any data you can send to me for
>comparison at
>Mike Meyer
>Lab Coordinator/Lecturer, Physics
>Michigan Technological University

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