Date: Mon Nov 12 09:20:10 2007

Author: J. Terrence Klopcic

Subject: Re: Diffraction tube circuit


I have the "Instructions for Assembly" and user's manual for Cat. No. 2639
Electron Diffraction Tube and Cat. No. 2639A Power Supply. I'll be glad to
make a copy and send them to you if that's the stuff that you need.


J. Terrence Klopcic
Director of Laboratories
Departments of Physics and Mathematics
Kenyon College

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From: "David Tam"
Sent: Friday, November 09, 2007 3:05 PM
Subject: [tap-l] Diffraction tube circuit

> Hi everyone,
> Does anyone have a circuit diagram for the old Welch electron
> diffraction tube? I can't seem to find anything online.
> Thanks,
> David