Date: Fri Nov 9 21:28:21 2007

Author: Machele Kindle

Subject: Re: Ping Pong Ball Cannon Photos

Sammy, Sammy, *shakes her head*

Just make a bigger cannon if you want to use the bigger pp balls. Have
you learned nothing in all your years in PIRA?


Sam Sampere wrote:
> Ah, Adam, I see Papa Zig did not teach you all he knows! He taught us
> all that pp balls also come in 38 mm diameter. Do not use those, they
> are too small! You are correct, make sure you get the 40 mm balls. Size
> DOES matter.
> FWIW, they also come in a forty something diameter. Don't use those,
> they're too big! You see, bigger is not always better. Only in VdGs is
> bigger better!
> Sam
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> Urs,
> You might be interested in knowing that a table tennis ball is 40 mm in
> diameter, and they come in different qualities. A one star rating is
> the cheapest and a three star rating on a ball usually implies a top
> quality ball, in relation to its bounce, roundness and their respective
> consistency between balls of the same make and type.
> Adam Beehler

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