Date: Fri Sep 7 11:35:07 2007

Author: Annie Atiyeh

Subject: Re: Chaotic Pendulum source

Our math department has a "Math Demo Lab" web site that contains various physical demonstrations, including double pendulum, that highlight key mathematical concepts. Last year and during the summer I worked with students from different disciplines to start this project (check under people at the web site). The link to the web site is:

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Subject: [tap-l] Chaotic Pendulum source

Hello everyone:

We've recently received some chaotic pendula that I am very pleased with and I want to pass on the source to you all. Check out . I found the quality, attention to detail and performance to be excellent. This company is in New Zealand but is set up to do business nicely in the US though Paypal. I was able to use a university VISA purchasing card to make the purchase with no problems and without a Paypal account. This is the 1st source I've found for quality chaotic pendula. They come with a very nice wall mounting plate, screws and drywall inserts for wall mounting, but you can also mount directly to metal. They also come in a nice presentation box. Take a look!


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