Date: Thu Sep 6 16:25:24 2007

Author: --- cbettis

Subject: Re: Wolfgang's Article on Charge Conservation

Thanks Wolfgang,

I just ordered the pots.


Quoting Wolfgang Rueckner :

> Yes I did tinker with them, Cliff. I encountered the same "zero"
> problem as you. -- W
> On Sep 6, 2007, at 2:39 PM, Cliff Bettis wrote:
>> Wolfgang,
>> Did you take any pains to make your electroscopes identical? I ask
>> because I have been trying to make the Pasco electroscopes you
>> mentioned in your article as sensitive as possible and still not
>> "stick" when discharged. I used them today under abysmally humid
>> conditions (Faraday Ice Pail demonstration) and they worked but I
>> still have the urge to tinker with them to get one of them in
>> particular to zero better.
>> (My wife needs to hide her cooking pots and sweaters, because I'm
>> going to try your demonstration)
>> Cliff