Date: Wed Sep 5 22:08:02 2007

Author: Bernard Cleyet

Subject: Data analysis. Was: Re: Globe warming

This reminds me of a recent analysis I performed for a friend desiring
to program his stepping table, so it would over, say a few hours, point
at the moon. I plotted the moon rises for about 60 days; fitted a lin.
and found R^2 ~ 0.999 +; then I plotted the successive differences and
found two major sinusoids (periods v. ~ 10 days and 25??). The max.
amplitude is ~ +/- 5%. I think such a CO2 plot would reveal the
rapidity of H. s. s. induced climate change. Supposedly much more so
than in the past.

bc, plotter.

John Hubisz wrote:

> When I was a two-footer, the snow was really high! We just don't get
> that much snow now.
> The snow will come and go, the glaciers will melt and reform, the
> temperature will rise and fall. One location will replace another and
> that is where averages come in. 30-year averages, 100-year lifetimes
> do not even rate a blip in the Earth's history of climate change.
> John Hubisz
> Cudnik,Brian wrote:
>> We saw first hand the effects of global warming last month in Southeast
>> Alaska. My wife, who grew up there, repeatedly commended that the amount
>> of leftover snow on the mountains was the lowest she has seen for this
>> time of year. In other words, the mountains are more and more bare rock
>> as more and more of the snow melts away each year...due (most likely) to