Date: Wed Sep 5 19:57:37 2007

Author: John Welch

Subject: Globe warming lab activity

Here is a link to an "on topic" activity that we use here at Cabrillo
College to teach data analysis and also to spur conversation on global
warming. Feel free to use it, as well as the introduction to data
analysis article that it references.

Bernard Cleyet wrote:
> "... maybe the next 'generation' will be as great as this one."
> If not, a multi species crash.
> Yes, the anaerobics took a hit. Question: are the present anaerobics
> direct descendants or a re-speciation?
> bc, wonders if JW was associated w/ UCSC
> John Welch wrote:
>> Good point Bernard. We are the second type of organism to
>> significantly alter the composition of the atmosphere. Cyanobacteria
>> produced "pollution" 2.5 billion years ago in the form of oxygen,
>> which was toxic to the previously dominant life forms. (see
>> I personally am very sad about the changes currently happening to the
>> earth, because I like humans and sentience and polar bears and the
>> current balanced ecological cycles. But on the other hand, we
>> wouldn't be here if those "blue green algae" hadn't "polluted" the
>> earth and drastically altered it. So my sadness is tempered by the
>> thought that maybe the next 'generation' will be as great as this one.
>> -John
>> Bernard Cleyet wrote:
>>> I find off target, usually, the most interesting threads. If our
>>> progeny are to view demonstrations, we must all deal w/ Global
>>> Climate Change.
>>> bc
>>> p.s. I emphasize that presently the CO2 content is the highest only
>>> from available geologically rather recent data. In the distant past
>>> (Palaeozoic ca. 1/4 B * years), I understand CO2 content was much
>>> much higher (15%).
>>> * thousand million for our European friends.
> more cut

John Welch

Cabrillo College Physics Dept.