Date: Wed Sep 26 17:46:45 2007

Author: simcha Segev

Subject: Re: Visualization fluid for electric field lines demo


I also use castor oil but instead of hair or felt I put a small amount of
semolina that can be kept for the whole semester. All I need, as Mike wrote,
is to stir the semolina. The important thing about castor oil in an open
container is to eliminate from water (humidity) absorbing. demo no. 8
Clicking on each example opens a larger image.


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Daniel A Margulies
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Does anyone have a simple recipe for the fluid used in the elctric field
lines demo, or know where such fluid can be purchased commercially? You
can see our version at:

My predecessor mixed up the last batch and left behind neither ingredients
list nor instructions. I have tried felt shavings in castor oil, but
without much success.


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