Date: Tue Sep 25 10:45:58 2007

Author: Andrew Yue

Subject: Re: Electrostatics and humidity

Hello Folks,

Many moons ago Karl Trappe set up one our demo cabinets to serve as a
dry cabinet.

His high-tech solution was to install three 75 watt incandescent
light bulbs which warms the air and the demos within. I'd guess the
temps within the cabinet are about 110 F.

It works well enough that if the demos are performed within the first
15 minutes of class - there usually isn't a problem.

Put it together with that dehumidifier and I'll bet you'll do even
better with electrostatics.

>>>>>Dear Prof. Maiullo,
>>>>>I?d like to ask you a question. My students do electrostatics
>>>>>investigations in all seasons in our labs in Dallas. I am
>>>>>involved in making environmental specifications for some Physics
>>>>>labs in a new building. Should we pay more attention to absolute
>>>>>humidity or relative humidity when doing these experiments? My
>>>>>proposal was for conditions of relative humidity 40?5 % and
>>>>>temperature 70?5 ?F (giving an absolute humidity of about 7
>>>>>g/m^3). Do you think that these conditions will work? Can you
>>>>>point me to any literature on the subject that I might have
>>>>>Take care,
>>>>>Paul MacAlevey
>>>>>Physics Dept, Founders Building, FO 2.708B
>>>>>University of Texas at Dallas
>>>>>phone: (972)883-4634



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