Date: Wed Sep 19 07:49:52 2007

Author: Bernard Cleyet

Subject: Re: Chaotic Pendulum source

"Wilberforce" is correct. He, L.R. W., published a detailed analysis in

[reference A.P. French]

bc, who wonders if he's related to the anti-slaver.

Urs Lauterburg wrote:

> Karl,
> I don't think it was Wilberforce. He build that nice coupled
> oscillating setup where a longitudinally oscillating mass is brought
> into a rotational one by the circular shape of the spring which
> supports the mass. The energy oscillates between kinetic elongation
> and rotation states. The pendulums Tim's was referring to are the
> multiple body ones which, depending on the elongation show periodic as
> well as chaotic modes of motion.
> Wilberforce's spelling is kind of close though and yes his setup is
> very nice too. I love these different types of pendulums a lot. I
> remember how fascinated I was when I was a kid, just staring for long
> at the pendulum of my grandfathers cuckoo clock. I always wondered why
> the pendulum just kept moving. This became gradually clear that it
> must have been these heavy weights my grandfather had to move up every
> other day. They came down so slowly it took me some growing up before
> realizing that they actual moved downwards to the ground. I guess
> those were the moments I began to develop an affinity for physics and
> also for its technical implementations.
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> Urs
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>> Are you guys talking about "Wilberforce"? That's the SHM spring with
>> a mass on the end that also does torsional rotation and swaps modes
>> almost completely. Karl

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