Date: Thu Sep 13 13:53:19 2007

Author: Tara Panagopoulos

Subject: Re: CENCO vs PASCO Precision Interferometers

Stan, Richard & Steve,

Thank you very much for your input. It was all very helpful. TeachSpin was a
great alternative suggestion. The links and other suggestions were also
appreciated. I am not certain what the outcome will be but at least we have
your suggestions to consider. The decision will be made today.


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I just want to call your attention to Teachspin, which has recently
introduced some interferemeters. Click on "Modern Interferometry" at I saw one at the last AAPT meeting and it appeared
pretty solid. I don't know whether it's what you want or whether it's in
your price range, though. I've been pretty happy with the other
equipment we have from Teachspin (Magnetic Torque and pulsed NMR).

Disclaimer: I have no financial connections to Teachspin.

-- Steve W.

On Tue, 11 Sep 2007, Stan Dodds wrote:

> Hi -
> Rice has a Pasco interferometer, although we don't use it much and
> therefore haven't had problems with durability. The problem I did
> notice is that the flexure suspension allows the moving mirror to tilt
> about a horizontal axis. This doesn't cause too much trouble in the
> Michelson configuration, but the mechanism is essentially useless for a
> plane-parallel Fabry-Perot.
> The S-W/Cenco unit is similar in appearance to the very good apparatus
> formerly made by Gaertner Scientific. If properly machined, the heavy
> (this one weighs 19 kilo) lathe-bed construction should lead to very
> smooth action with little or no extraneous displacement. This unit is
> expensive for a student lab, but I would expect it to work well.
> As an alternative, you might consider assembling your own
> configurations from standard mirror mounts, a differential-screw
> translation stage and optical breadboard. This would give the students
> some experience with modern opto-mechanics, and might be less
> expensive. With a motor-driven stage and computer data acquisition you
> could even mock-up a Fourier Transform spectrometer for the advanced
> lab. ThorLabs and Newport are possible suppliers of this sort of
> equipment.
> Stan
> On Sep 10, 2007, at 2:45 PM, Tara Panagopoulos wrote:
> > Dear Tappers,
> >
> > Our department currently uses the Pasco Precision Interferometer (part
> > no. OS-9255A) for our advanced optics labs. We are considering
> > purchasing more but have many concerns about the poor quality of its
> > parts. We already have a few broken screws.
> >
> > Considering most of our old Central Scientific/CENCO equipment has
> > lasted many, many years we thought we might have better luck with
> > Sargent-Welch/CENCO. If anyone out there is familiar enough with
> > CENCO's Michelson and Fabry-Perot Interferometer (part no. CP33874-00)
> > to offer a recommendation or warning, please let me know through tap-1
> > or via my direct e-mail:
> >
> > Thank you.
> > Tara
> >
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