Date: Fri Sep 7 17:08:35 2007

Author: Michael Timmins

Subject: Re: Time Dimension

I did a thing once where we measured the speed of lots of different things
from a falling ball to light. We have a big chalk board (maybe 40 ft or so)
in the room which I put a scale on and marked off the speed of each item.
The scale was such that the speed of sound was at the other end of the board.
Then we measure the speed of light and figure out that the board would have
to extend out to the island of Midway in the pacific to mark that speed. I
always wanted to call someone out there with a web cam and have them mark
their chalk board during class.


On Friday 07 September 2007, Gerald Zani wrote:
> Tappers
> In a physics for poets class I do some things to talk about Macro and Micro
> time dimension scales:
> Speed of a pulse in a Coax wire
> metronome
> Clock
> Speed of light
> You might say it is a kind of show and tell, Powers of Ten type of
> demonstration for the time dimension.
> Does anyone do something similar?
> What do you use?
> Any creative ideas?
> Thanks,
> -- JZ
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