Date: Thu Aug 9 13:11:04 2007

Author: Steve Anderson

Subject: Re: more Power Scotty


I understand the frustration some feel with the prevailing no-nukes
but there are still real issues with waste, containment, and non-
proliferation (and producing fuel).
Even with the Yucca mountain site FINALLY moving towards opening,
there is not enough storage for projected worldwide use levels.
The Westinghouse and French companies have so much invested in the
old-school designs, they can/will not change.

I think we should switch rather than fight, the environmentalists who
oppose nuclear reactors.
What we need is technical innovation for safe, long-term, sustainable
harvesting of nuclear energy.

The leadership in this field may not come from the entrenched
interests (see Wired article).
Pebble-beds can solve the safety concerns. Let's just do it.
The members of this list have a responsibility to help inform & train
the nuclear engineers and scientists of tomorrow
(another component in short supply, as the knowledge-base retires)

Steve Anderson
(soapbox-rant-over.. thanks!)