Date: Thu Aug 9 12:50:10 2007

Author: Dale Stille

Subject: Re: Best type of iron for a solenoid


Stephen and Tappers all,

I have found that the best core for a solenoid is to use copper coated
welding rod. The stuff I used came in 3/32 inch diameter and was 3 or 4
foot long. We just cut the stuff to length ( which turned out to be a job
because we had to cut each piece individually ) and then used as much as
we needed to get the diameter coil that we desired. In my case I ended up
with 4 ea. 1/5 inch cores that were 14 inches long which look as good
today as when they were made a decade ago.
When we tested the cores, we could find no detectable difference between
the uncoated iron cores we were replacing and the new copper coated
welding rod cores.