Date: Mon Aug 6 18:12:46 2007

Author: Steve Anderson

Subject: Re: Holography

> We are planning on using the Intergraf 2.5" by 2.5" glass PFG-03M
> plates
> unless someone has a better suggestion/source of holographic film for
> reflection holograms(?).

this is the choice for silver halide reflection, or else PFG-01,
( if you have lower power laser, -01 only needs micro-joules)
The Slavich film is slower than Agfa 8E75, expose 2, 4 or 10x as long.

> I'm also looking for advice on a design for the film holder so that
> it can
> be loaded and unloaded with the holographic plates in complete
> darkness.
> Has anyone got a nice design that they would like to share? I've
> got an
> excellent machine shop at my disposal to manufacture the
> holographic plate
> holder but it would be great to see some designs that others have
> used to
> see if my current design can be improved.
> John

The plate holder is always a tricky part of a set-up (plates are
easier to deal with)
Any normal one will work, make a spring-clip one, like link below,
and it is easy to load in dark.
For reflections, you can double-stick to a solid piece of an aluminum
or use binder clips and a backing plate (funky but effective).