Date: Mon Aug 6 16:05:00 2007

Author: Jerry DiMarco

Subject: Re: Collisions, Automobile, Absence of Physicists

At 8/4/200712:31 AM, you wrote:
>The main landing gear wheels are called mains for short and the steam
>cleaned areas were the contact areas of the "mains" . There wasn't debris
>on the runway but the contact areas were strangely a shade whiter than the
>rest of it. -Unexplainable by all airport and airline personnel that
>witnessed it. That doesn't normally happen when planes land on wet runways.

Well I guess if the wheels had touched down they would have left
black marks, like in a normal landing. So it must have hydroplaned. I'm
glad I don't have travel stories like that to tell...

>(PS Are you near Yellowtail, MT? I have a cousin there.)

No, it's about 200 mi east of here. It is off the main road so I've
never been through there...