Date: Sat Aug 4 00:31:17 2007

Author: Gordon Shepherd

Subject: Re: Collisions, Automobile, Absence of Physicists

The main landing gear wheels are called mains for short and the steam
cleaned areas were the contact areas of the "mains" . There wasn't
debris on the runway but the contact areas were strangely a shade whiter
than the rest of it. -Unexplainable by all airport and airline personnel
that witnessed it. That doesn't normally happen when planes land on wet
(PS Are you near Yellowtail, MT? I have a cousin there.)
Jerry DiMarco wrote:

> I don't understand what phenomenon you are describing in this
> story of a plane landing in a downpour. What do you mean by "the
> mains"? Is the steam cleaning you refer to mean the area was clean of
> debris or something more serious?
> Jerry
> At 8/2/200701:05 AM, you wrote:
>> ....
>> We could tell because where his wheels first touched down on the
>> runway you could see where the mains had been. It looked as if the
>> runway had been steam cleaned where the tires had planed. I
>> photographed the phenomenon for him to use at his investigation of
>> the irregular landing and damage that was done. He said he had
>> neither seen nor heard of such an occurance before. Needless to say I
>> hadn't. ....
>> Gordon Shepherd
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